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David Letterman Grilled Lindsay Lohan on Rehab, Made Her Cry

It looked like Lindsay Lohan was back on trial last night: pretty dress, dagger eyes, nervous titters, and emotional tears. But it was just the Late Show, where David Letterman took liberties with his interrogation. “Yes, or no? Do you steal stuff?” “No,” she laughed, “Do you?” She was open to enacting a funny skit with the sales tag still attached to her dress, but there was that one sore subject concerning her court-ordered rehab. While LiLo protested (she even snatched his notes away and squealed, “I thought you were going to be nice!”), Letterman only pressed harder: “Aren’t you supposed to be in rehab?”, “Do you have addiction problems?”, “How many times have you been to rehab?”, “What makes this time different?” Just when Lindsay appeared to have reached her boiling point, Dave switched his tactic to complimenting her gutsiness, at which point she teared up. But apparently, Lindsay harbors no hard feelings. After the show, she tweeted “#iHeartDave.” Watch her try to deflect Letterman’s grilling in the video below.

Watch the full interview here.

Letterman Grilled Lindsay Lohan, Made Her Cry