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Can You Match Lindsay Lohan’s Mug Shots to Their Crimes?

Lindsay Lohan has gotten a lot of screen time in before she reports for court-ordered rehab on May 2: She got teased by David Letterman on Tuesday night, appeared alongside fellow tabloid hall-of-famer Charlie Sheen on Anger Management Thursday night, and has a role in the latest Scary Movie sequel, which opens today. And yet, for all those flashy appearances, her most memorable work remains immortalized by the police-station camera. How well do you know her very portfolio of prison close-ups? In this quiz, see if you can match her picture to the crime she was dragged in for. Can you tell the difference between a DUI pout and a shoplifting smirk? A true Lohanologist would! Take the quiz and see if you qualify.

Match the Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot to the Crime