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Matt Weiner Is Sorry for Mad Men’s Le Cirque Mistake

Photo: Dustin Wayne Harris/Patrick McMullan

Yes, Matt Weiner knows there was no Le Cirque in 1968, and he’s very sorry that a line in the most recent Mad Men has Christina Hendricks saying there was. (“I made reservations at Le Cirque,” Joan tells her mom.) “We make mistakes,” Weiner said at the Paley Center on Tuesday. “And in this case — Christina’s not here, but she was ad-libbing,” he joked. “No, it was a terrible error, and I think that the pleasure some people derive from this mistake makes it more entertainment for the show.” Sadly, Weiner did not take this opportunity to quote Bobby Moynihan’s version of Guy Fieri and suggest that people can “Le Cirque [his] le dirque.”

Matt Weiner Sorry for Mad Men’s Le Cirque Error