Maybe You Will Enjoy This Second Brad Paisley–LL Cool J Song

As you are no doubt aware, Brad Paisley and LL Cool J’s first duet — the now-infamous “Accidental Racist” — did not go over so well with the Internet-listening public. (For some thoughtful takes, try Kelefa Sanneh on the song’s “awkward” earnestness or Ta-Nehisi Coates on its actual racism.) Paisley and LL are still standing by the song — LL says he’s “proud” of it — but on Day Three of the saga, they have moved on to other pursuits, such as: promoting the second song they recorded together. Here is “Live for You,” which will be on LL’s upcoming album (conveniently out April 30) and which does not include any dead-general shout-outs. (That we caught.) So that’s something?

Maybe You’ll Enjoy This Second Paisley–LL Song