Nathan Fielder Doesn’t Know What Your Parents Are Talking About

Last week, Nathan Fielder, star of Comedy Central’s Nathan For You, asked his Twitter followers to play a prank on their parents by “accidentally” sending them a text about a drug deal and quickly following it up with “Sorry ignore that txt. Not for you.” Dozens of kids followed suit and ruined their parental relationships for the sake of posting a picture of the text message conversation on Twitter, but now Nathan Fielder has stepped up to the plate to set things right.

Over the weekend, Fielder tweeted out his phone number so he can personally explain the joke to parents, writing, “If your parents are mad & dont believe the ‘2 grams’ thing was a joke, have them call me at 310-721-1854 and I’ll explain everything.” The phone number he gives goes straight to machine with the following message:

“Hi, you’ve reached Nathan. Please leave a message. Oh, and if you’re a parent calling because your kid said that I asked them to pretend to be a drug dealer, I’ve been getting a lot of those calls and I know nothing about that and had nothing to do with it, so they’re probably just using me as an excuse. Okay, thank you!”

Listen to the voicemail below:

Nathan Fielder Doesn’t Know What Your Parents Are […]