New ‘Vacation’ Movie Runs Into Problems Surprisingly Not Caused by Chevy Chase

A new Vacation movie scheduled to shoot this summer has been delayed indefinitely, and, to the surprise of everyone, noted difficult person Chevy Chase is not the root of the problem. THR reports that shooting on the film, which is set to star Ed Helms as grown-up Griswold spawn Rusty taking his wife (Christina Applegate) and kids on a road trip to Wally World, will be delayed at least a few months – possibly until late this year. The reason for the difficulties is creative differences caused by a split between those who want the movie to be R-rated like the original and those who want a broad PG-13 comedy. THR doesn’t say who’s on what side. Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo were in talks to cameo in the new Vacation film as Clark and Ellen Griswold. Chase is presumably not involved in these creative differences, making this the first Chevy Chase movie to have non-Chevy Chase problems.

New ‘Vacation’ Movie Runs Into Problems Surprisingly […]