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Last Night on Late Night: David Letterman Skewered Shia LaBeouf on the Alec Baldwin Beef

Last night on the Late Show, David Letterman executed another interview so perfectly, he had Shia LeBeouf sputtering over the beef with Alec Baldwin, whom the actor still faults for his firing from the Broadway play Orphans. Among the things Letterman teased out of the recently spurned actor: LaBeouf and Baldwin experienced “differences as men,” not as artists, mind you, but as men; that front-row seat at the Orphans play was the only one he could get his hands on; and he even delivered a reconciliation speech — “Alec, I think you’re awesome, man. That’s it, you know. That’s it.” Plus: Emilia Clarke expressed self-criticism with her CGI acting, which might have proven more difficult in this season of Game of Thrones because her dragons are definitely getting “bigger, badder, and better.” Also, Kristen Schaal seemed miffed by Jay Leno’s comment on her lisp; and Seth Rogen recounted his alcohol-, marijuana-, Whopper-induced “seizure” that had fetched the paramedics to the airport runway. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Shia LaBeouf Addressed the Alec Baldwin Beef