Showtime to Debut a New Richard Pryor Documentary May 31st

There’s a new documentary about Richard Pryor coming to TV next month. Deadline reports that Showtime will be debuting Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic on Friday, May 31st, a month after the movie premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival. From director Marina Zenovich and writer P.G. Morgan, who made Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired together, the Pryor doc follows the iconic comedian’s life from his rough childhood in Illinois to his ascendance to one of the country’s most revered stand-ups and comedic actors in the 1970s. The comedian’s widow, Jennifer Pryor, executive produced Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic, which features interviews with Mel Brooks, Lily Tomlin, Robin Williams, Whoopi Golberg, Jesse Jackson, Quincy Jones, and more.

Last month, it was announced that Forest Whitaker has taken over development on a Richard Pryor biopic, a project that’s been in the works since 1997. Maybe a documentary is really the best way to pay tribute to Pryor’s legacy rather than a big-budget Hollywood biopic, but at the rate that movie’s moving along, we’ll probably never see it anyway.

Showtime to Debut a New Richard Pryor Documentary May […]