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Steve Buscemi Joined Vampire Weekend for a Day [Updated]

Actually, this could be a long-term arrangement — we really have no idea how long Steve Buscemi plans to act as Vampire Weekend’s fifth-member-slash-mascot. But yesterday’s antics involved Steve Buscemi marching in the NYC Easter Parade with Vampire Weekend; Steve Buscemi singing the Doug breakdown of “Diane Young” while the other members looked on; Steve Buscemi posing with Chris Baio, who claims to be a distant cousin of the actor (note today’s date and everything that we’ve described up until now); and Steve Buscemi looking sad next to a picture of the now-infamous burning Saabs. Random? Yes. Amusing? Sure, why not?

Update: A ha, Steve Buscemi is going to direct the webcast of Vampire Weekend’s Roseland Ballroom concert. That explains that.

Steve Buscemi Joined Vampire Weekend for a Day