The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: eSports Commentator djWHEAT

This week on the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show, Jeff talks to eSports commentator djWHEAT. They talk about how eSports became a thing, how he became a commentator for it and what it was like to be a Y2K IT guy.

“The earliest sign of the word e-sports we can find is in 1994 when the domain was registered, but this was also around the time where people were squatting on domain names, so it is hard to say. In 1995-96 is when the PGL started and that is where we found the origin of this word, but really that is not when it started. If you go back before that you have to consider the Street Fighter and Arcade scene, and if you rewind even further there is the Twin Galaxies era.” - djWHEAT on the origins of eSports.

“My team had won a NA competition to go compete at an event called Lan War in Paris, and since I could not go, I broadcasted the game, so I remotely covered the game and it was kind of the first time that anyone had done that. What was amazing was that we had the server capacity of 100 people, and within an hour we had filled this 100 people up. Then all of these different universities set up all of these relays and the next thing we knew we had 5000 people just listening old school AM radio style to these Quake matches and getting score updates that way.” - djWHEAT on what his breakthrough as a broadcaster was.

The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: eSports Commentator […]