The Kids in the Hall’s Kevin McDonald Is Guest Writing at ‘SNL’

Saturday Night Live has featured some impressive guest writers this season, like Michael Che and Chelsea Peretti, and now, Kids in the Hall alum Kevin McDonald has joined SNL’s writing staff as a guest writer. McDonald will be writing on the next two episodes, hosted by Melissa McCarthy and Vince Vaughn, respectively. Monica Padrick (MTV’s Skins and The Inbetweeners) is also serving as a guest writer on these two shows. McDonald’s most recent writing credit was on the 2010 CBC miniseries The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town. He’s the third member of The Kids in the Hall to write for SNL, following Bruce McCulloch and Mark McKinney, who were on the writing staff for the 1985-86 season. McKinney joined SNL’s cast in 1995 after The Kids in the Hall’s TV show ended, and McDonald had talks about joining the cast then too but it never happened. Now, he’s finally become a part of the show, making this the first time he’s worked with Lorne Michaels, who produced The Kids in the Hall, in nearly two decades. SNL typically trots guest writers in and out for two-episode tryouts all season, and the ones who do well get offered long-term work there, so you may see a Kids in the Hall working for the show full-time soon if things work out in McDonald’s favor.

The Kids in the Hall’s Kevin McDonald Is Guest Writing […]