This Week in Comedy: ‘Arrested Development’ Gets a Premiere Date, and Fallon is Officially the ‘Tonight’ Host

-Season four of Arrested Development will premiere on Netflix May 26th with 15 episodes instead of the previously announced 14.

-It’s official: Jimmy Fallon is taking over The Tonight Show in February 2014. All the major late night hosts commented on it, and Seth Meyers is the frontrunner to become Late Night’s new host.

-Whose Line is it Anyway? will return on the CW July 16th.

-USA may save Happy Endings if ABC doesn’t.

-We contemplated: does doing standup on a late night show still matter?

-Nasim Pedrad signed on for John Mulaney’s NBC pilot, and Will Arnett is going to be in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

-We talked with SNL writer and 7 Minutes in Heaven host Michael Patrick O’Brien.

-Christopher Abbott is leaving Girls after disagreements with Lena Dunham.

-We checked in with Community season 4, reviewed ABC’s How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest of Your Life), The Don Rickles Show, and looked at the failed pilot from a follow-up series to Clarissa Explains it All.

-The Kids in the Hall’s Kevin McDonald is guest writing for SNL.

-Bob Odenkirk and the Birthday Boys accepted IFC’s offer of a sketch show.

-We looked at the lost roles of Marc Maron, our begrudging respect for Bob HopeRich Hall’s time on SNL, the work of comedy hip hop duo ItsTheReal, and SNL’s dress rehearsal process.

-Gallery1988 held an SNL art show.

-We published the house rules for a guy’s Game of Thrones party.

-We recommend the week in comedy podcasts, which include a Radiolab special on Chicago-based improvisers TJ & Dave and Nick Kroll and Jon Hamm visiting Comedy Bang Bang for April Fools’, plus the week’s best Vine videos from Jamie Lee, Will Sasso, and more.

And here are your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

Funny or Die - “American Psycho with Huey Lewis and Weird Al”

The Birthday Boys - “The Birthday Boys Accept IFC’s Offer”

Dead Kevin - “Chess”

Bonafide - “Vine Video”

Above Average - The Morning After - “Virgin”

This Week in Comedy: ‘Arrested Development’ Gets a […]