The Vampire Diaries Recap: Be Bright. Be Brilliant. Be Original.

The Vampire Diaries

The Originals
Season 4 Episode 20
Editor’s Rating 5 stars
The Vampire Diaries --

The Vampire Diaries

The Originals
Season 4 Episode 20
Editor’s Rating 5 stars
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Last night, we took a little trip to New Orleans for the Originals’ backdoor pilot. Klaus followed Katherine’s letter to the French Quarter, where we met his mentee, Marcel, found out Hayley is in the Kate Middleton way, and got our palms read for twenty bucks. We contemplated doing a Klaus-versus-Elijah debate, but let’s be honest — it’s really no contest. Elijah in a suit is the thing. So we’re going to do a quick points recap for this one. What we liked, what we loved, and what we hope will fade come fall. All in all, we gotta say we’re pretty sold. It takes a great man to tear us away from Stefan Salvatore, and that man is Elijah Mikaelson.

* We began the episode in Mystic Falls with the classic Salvatore Plot Breakdown. Not to hate on our show that we love and honor and will absolutely obey until six-year contracts do us part, but how kinda annoying did Damon and Stefan seem compared to EVERYTHING that came after? Perspective is the cruel mistress of truth. Or something. Point is: Klaus and Elijah > Damon and Stefan? Yikes. Plus 8.

* “The one and only. Sorta.” Oh, Katherine. We’ve missed your snark. Too bad this was the last we saw of it. Plus 2.

* New witches! And their magic was awesome. Old-school Bonnie hijinks. Plus 4.

* Klaus sat down to get a reading. You know he totally wanted to ask about Caroline. “Do you see a future?” Plus 4.

* We LOVED that we met Marcel sexy-dancing, because dude is HOT. We’re really, realllllyyy looking forward to all future encounters with him. Plus 19

* When Marcel embraced Klaus and said, “My mentor. My savior. My sire,” we thought it was pretty sweet. No one is respectful of the first generation in Mystic Falls. Plus 4.

* Klaus and Marcel walking down the street from the bar was awesome. The music. The booze. The city seemed to just ooze sex and secrets. This is a good time to talk about the tone of this show. It’s definitely older and darker (and decidedly less comic) than The Vampire Diaries, and we’re willing to wager its subject matter will be, too. We’re in the big leagues now, and we like it. Plus 10.

* Marcel killing Jane Anne was an interesting moment. The look on Klaus’s face almost seemed … remorseful? Or maybe we’re just confused because we last saw him at prom. No points, but man are we glad this dude is moving on.

* Elijah just kept showing up in places. Beautifully. He kept showing up in places beautifully. Everything Elijah does is beautiful. So, yeah. Elijah showing up in places gets a plus 12.

* “I’m Elijah. You’ve heard of me.” Best. Pickup. Line. Ever. Plus 20.

* Marcel took Klaus on the roof to talk to him about progress and, it seemed, strategy. “I should limit the number of things I’m vulnerable to.” These two already have such an interesting dynamic. Klaus’s pride at creating such a powerful creature, his jealously of all that Marcel has accomplished in his absence, and his hatred of anything that threatens his position as the One and Only. Plus 15.

* WOAH. OKAY. Before we follow the rabbit hole all the way down to Rupert Sanders, let’s just take a deep breathe and see where this goes. Yes, Hayley is pregnant. With Klaus’s child. But we’re going to go ahead and give this a plus 9. It’s bold. And the writers know it. We can’t wait to see how this all unfolds. After all, The Originals is a show about family.

* “Enough of this. If you want Marcel dead, he’s dead. I’ll do it myself.” Elijah is so unconcerned. He’s like the goddamn Buddha. Dude definitely meditates. Probably taken a few Tony Robbins workshops, too. Identify the source of fear. Acknowledge it. Let it go. Plus 8.

* Elijah telling Klaus to “listen,” and then hearing the baby’s heartbeat was a phenomenal moment. Nice work, writers! Plus 8.

* Of course, when Klaus told Elijah to kill Hayley and the baby it was kinda ruined. So, minus 3? Don’t worry, H — he’ll come around.

* “Family is power.” —Elijah. Does this guy have a book deal yet? Plus 12.

* “Save this girl. Save your child.” We just got a flash of Elijah holding a baby and … what? Where am I? Who are you? What is happening? Plus 6.

* We’re kind of surprised Rebekah wasn’t more psyched about this baby. Isn’t that her thing? She wants a family? We know she wants her own, but we don’t totally buy that she’d be able to resist even the idea of Bebe Klaus for long. What if it’s a girl? Who will dress it?! Minus 7. We need Rebekah to be around more.

* “I know you consider yourself an expert in brotherly dynamics.” Ha. Hahahaha. Good one, R. Plus 4.

* “We’re alone. And we hate it.” For Katherine, there is a fine line between a revelatory human moment and just randomly being super vulnerable. Scratch that. It is not a fine line. It’s the Atlantic Ocean. Look, I know we’re all growing here, but we like Katherine better when she’s being a bitch. Please cross back over. Minus 5.

* “I’m not the prince of the Quarter. I’m the king.” Marcel with the dialogue. Plus 8.

* Klaus saying “I am immortal” was intense. We’ve seen him soften over in Mystic Falls. He’s buddied up at the bar with Damon, fallen for Caroline, practically spooned with Stefan. But he’s evil. We just forgot for awhile. Maybe this show will be his story of redemption, but as stories go, we’re only at the very beginning. Plus 13.

* Klaus and the bartender looking at the painting was sorta hilarious. Way too overly metaphoric, but we’ll forgive it because Klaus and his art, man. Also — we think this girl is important. There is a reason she is not dead. Plus 3.

* “I made him in my image, and he has bettered me. I want what he has. I want to be king.” Well, there you go. It’s on. Plus 9.

* “Every king needs an heir.” Klaus as a dad, you guys. I cannot even with how awesome this could (will) get. Plus 20.

* Klaus calling Caroline seemed like a call out to fans rather than an actual thing Klaus would do. Minus 10. The truth is, we kind of like that it didn’t work. It just shows how able this show is to stand on its own.

* Elijah and Rebekah’s talk was great. It basically went like this:
The cure is stupid.
Rebekah: Help me pack in, like, three weeks. Plus 9

* Elijah forehead-kissed Katherine. You know it’s the end of an era, because who forehead-kisses Katherine? Dude who has better things to do in New Orleans, that’s who. Plus 10. We’re moving on.

Verdict: +192. We want to party here every Thursday. CW, if you’re listening, this one is gold.

I guess our lives are just all vampires all the time now. Things could be worse. And next week, they definitely will be for Elena. But let’s not get into that right now. I want to talk more about Elijah. Like do you guys think he will ever wear jeans? And how would you feel about him wearing jeans? Please discuss.

Meet you back in Mystic Falls next week. Until then, I’m here: @RebeccaASerle

Vampire Diaries Recap: The Originals