Video: Do Bravo Stars Fear the Threat of North Korea?

Broadcast networks aren’t the only ones that get upfronts. Bravo, home of the Real Housewives franchises, cooking competitions, and more shows about Persian-Americans and well-coiffed real-estate agents than all three major networks put together, held its upfronts last week. Before the glamorous party — featuring Andy Cohen on bartender duty, hairstylists styling guests to perfection, and more artisanal cuisine than you can shake a bandage dress at — most of Bravo’s stars walked the blue carpet in New York City. In this video, Vulture’s resident Bravoholic and Real Housewives recapper Julie Klausner talks to some of her favorite Bravo-lebrities about how much real hair was in attendance that night, who at the party people would most like to have sex with, and, most important, whether we should be concerned about North Korea’s nuclear threats to U.S. soil.

Video: Bravo Stars on North Korean Threat