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Take a Tour of the Insanely Epic Hair of Vikings

The History Channel’s Vikings is a parade of pillaging, plundering, and great period hair. From headbang-ready locks that sway poetically to the swing of an ax, to a whole lot of braids, beards, and braided beards, those Norsemen coordinate their savagery with some pretty fierce dos. Game of Thrones may resemble the show in many ways, but Westeros doesn’t hold a candle to all of the straggly hair extensions and big, bad facial hair coming out of eighth-century Scandinavia. Since the show’s been renewed for a second season, you can expect Ragnar Lothbrok and his men to keep bringing the Viking pain, and more of those crazy haircuts. Here’s every dazzling hairdo and beard from Vikings’ first season.

The Insanely Epic Hair of Vikings