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Watch an Unseen Movie Starring a Young Louis C.K. and Nick Offerman

Thirteen years ago, Louis C.K. was not a name everyone knew. And even fewer people knew Nick Offerman. This provided them an opportunity to star in extremely indie movies like 2000’s Tuna. What’s Tuna? A movie written by Adam DeCoster (who by day is a successful Foley artist) and directed by Bob Byington (director of Offerman-featuring movies like Harmony and Me and Somebody Up There Likes Me) about people talking in their cars while driving around Los Angeles. DeCoster put the full film up on YouTube earlier this week. Watch a bleached-blond, fresh-faced Offerman, youngish C.K., and a cast that also features Kevin Corrigan, David Krumholtz, Jon Glaser, and a 4-year-old Angus T. Jones. Just to reiterate, before you complain about the production values, the thing is super-extremely indie.

Watch a Movie Starring Young Offerman and C.K.