Watch Amazon’s Fourteen Pilots Right Now and Help Decide Their Fates

Duck season. Rabbit season. Duck season. Rabbit season. Pilot season. It’s that time again, when the networks cast, film, and deliberate on a new slate of potential TV shows. (Here is a rundown of this year’s dramas and comedies.) Amazon.com, which had recently decided to throw its hat in the television business, is subverting the process, putting all fourteen of its pilots (eight comedies and six animated) online for people to watch and judge for themselves. Amazon will partially base which ones they pick up by the audience comments. We already told you about the Zombieland adaptation, but you can also watch the John Goodman–starring Alpha House (about a Washington, D.C. house where several senators live together), the Jeffrey Tambor–starring Onion News Empire (about the behind-the-scenes goings-on of the Onion News Network), and the many others over at Amazon Instant Video. One features a drop-in from Bill Murray, but we won’t say which. Fine, it’s Alpha House.

Watch Amazon’s Fourteen Pilots Right Now