redhead hall of fame

Watch Julie Klausner Tour a Redhead Fashion and Beauty Event

Julie Klausner, with her podcast’s well-maintained Redhead Hall of Fame, is one of today’s greatest champions of the red-haired. This makes her the perfect correspondent to report back on Rock It Like a Redhead, a redhead-focused fashion and beauty event. Filmed as part of her most recent “How Was Your Week” live show, she, along with music man Ted Leo and her producer extraordinaire Chris “Spoony” Spooner, get “summer berry” feather hair braids, green nail polish, and, in Spoony’s case, a complete ginger makeover that leaves him looking like the Joker. Most important, Julie Klausner gets to the bottom of who is a natural redhead and who is bottled (heaven forbid).

Watch Julie Klausner Tour a Redhead Beauty Event