Watch Michelle Shocked Apologize on Piers Morgan Live

When we last saw Michelle Shocked, she was outside a venue that had canceled her gig, playing protest songs with a sack over her head. It was really the lowest point in what has been a series of low points that have come after Shocked went off on an anti-gay rant at a show in San Francisco. Last night, however, in her first live interview since it happened, she seemed the most clearheaded she’s been. Talking on Piers Morgan Live, she apologized. As you can see below, she said she supported gay marriage and the LGBT community. Things kind of break down toward the end, when she won’t let Morgan send to commercial and she brings up her truth-versus-reality thing again. Based on the tone of her tweets and many retweets, Shocked didn’t love the experience; however, at least things seem to be going in a positive direction.

Watch Michelle Shocked on Piers Morgan Live