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There Is Still No Love Lost Between Sandra Bernhard and Jerry Lewis

There are a host of reasons why Sandra Bernhard and Jerry Lewis might not get along — foremost among them his contentious comments on women in comedy — and yet the two performers will always be inextricably tied together thanks to their work in Martin Scorsese’s excellent movie The King of Comedy, where she played a stalker obsessed with Lewis’s character. The Tribeca Film Festival closed last night with Scorsese, Lewis, and Robert De Niro in attendance to discuss the 1983 film, and while Bernhard couldn’t make it, she sent in her hosannas via video … though she couldn’t resist a few revenge digs at Lewis, who was less than warm and fuzzy to her on set. How did Lewis react after the video played? Press play on this exclusive video (courtesy of, and brace yourself.

Watch Sandra Bernhard and Jerry Lewis Spar