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Thor: The Dark World Trailer: It’s a Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark World

Remember the Iron Man 3 trailer, when Iron Man was all glum after all of the Avengers stuff? Well, in the trailer for Thor: The Dark World, Thor doesn’t seem fazed by the ordeal at all. We guess that’s what happens when you’re a god and you’re fighting a darkness that’s older than the universe — you have perspective. The trailer is fairly ambiguous about who this darkness is and what his dark motives are. We do know that Natalie Portman’s life is at stake, and we do catch a glimpse of Christopher Eccleston looking weird as Malekith the Accursed. But don’t worry: The film comes out in the fall, so there will be at least 40 trailers before then that will explain everything confusing about this trailer — even Loki’s hair.

Watch the Trailer for Thor: The Dark World