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The Way, Way Back Trailer: Steve Carell, Jerkface

There may be no star in Hollywood more likable than Steve Carell, but he’s spending this year testing the limits of that likability. He was recently seen as a womanizing jerk in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, and he’ll finish out 2013 by playing a murderer in Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher, but in between, we’ve got The Way, Way Back, where Carell is cast as a dickish stepfather-to-be to our hero, awkward teenager Liam James. In fact, Carell was so convincing as a “hunky creep” in the film that it dominated the post-premiere chatter at Sundance … well, at least until the movie itself sold for nearly $10 million to Fox Searchlight. Was the price tag worth it for this fairly mainstream coming-of-age dramedy? All we’ll say is that Allison Janney’s supporting performance as a drunken neighbor, glimpsed briefly in this trailer, is surely worth its weight in gold.

The Way Way Back Trailer: Steve Carell, Jerkface