Here’s Will Arnett Playing Bill Clinton to Paul Scheer’s Arsenio Hall

When we heard Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts, and the guys behind Tim and Eric were making a YouTube channel called JASH, we braced ourselves for some off-the-wall stuff. And here is a completely off-the-wall franchise, exactly on schedule! Paul Scheer (The League, Human Giant) is recreating/parodying classic Arsenio Hall Show interviews for some reason, and flying it under the flag of The ArScheerio Paul Show for every reason. Episode one features Will Arnett reenacting Bill Clinton’s 1992 visit, where he jammed on saxophone, talked about pseudo-smoking a joint, and, per Arnett’s retelling, yukked it up about being a sex addict.

For comparison, here’s the original interview:

Here’s Will Arnett Doing Bill Clinton