‘Workaholics’ Star Adam DeVine Is Hosting a New Stand-Up Show for Comedy Central

Comedy Central has a new stand-up series on the way. Titled Adam DeVine’s House Party, the show will be hosted by comedian Adam DeVine, who also stars in the hit show Workaholics for the network. Comedy Central has yet to officially announce Adam DeVine’s House Party, but they’ve begun advertising live tapings via Facebook that’ll be taking place in LA over the next two weeks, beginning today. The show will be a mix of stand-up and narrative sketches hosted from a house party in the backyard of DeVine’s mansion. House Party will become Comedy Central’s fourth current stand-up series, joining John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show, Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution, and The Half Hour – shows that we all agree would benefit from the addition of a mansion and a drunk audience.

‘Workaholics’ Star Adam DeVine Is Hosting a New […]