A Funny Thing: Melanie Hamlett Nearly Seduced by South American Stilt Clown

Our story this week: Melanie Hamlett, yearning for the endless, intoxicating adventure of South America found herself couch surfing into a house full of clowns. Literal clowns. Bipolar, uncicycling clowns. Always on the lookout for a safe haven from the lecherous man-pigs of the road, Melanie thought she had found her respite from constant sexual harassment amongst those bronze boys of the circus arts. But then came a clown called Blue Angel, and everything changed.

Melanie Hamlett is a comedian, storyteller, world traveler , and two-time MOTH storyslam winner who has written for Marie Claire, Nerve.com, and her  book Leave the Lipstick, Take the IguanaYou can catch her performing in Adventures with Melanie Hamlett at the Under St. Marks Theater in New York on the 3rd monday of every month at 7pm, and at melaniehamlett.com. she told her story at the incomparable Nights of Our Lives.

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A Funny Thing: Melanie Hamlett Nearly Seduced by South […]