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Arrested Development Season Four Might Have Some Continuity Errors

Scheduling has always been a major roadblock for more Arrested Development, what with the careers of much of the cast taking off after the show. We knew shooting the new season demanded some flexibility, but it’s crazy to what extent. Mitch Hurwitz, talking to Rolling Stone, explained just how pasted together shooting was:

“We ended up with an eight-hour movie of Arrested Development where the pieces do kind of come together. Not only was the show told out of sequence, it was shot out of sequence. Half of the stuff is on green screen. There are scenes where there are two characters talking to each other. On one side, it’s Jason Bateman in July, and on the other side it’s Portia in November. It was these crazy, crazy things where everybody had to say, ‘Wait, she hasn’t gone to that party, so she wouldn’t have that makeup on, therefore…’

Hurwitz asserts, however, that it all works together. Well, at least he thinks so, as he admits that no one, including himself, has seen the whole thing back-to-back. Ideally, it all plays out seamlessly, because Hurwitz wants to do more, a lot more. He elaborates: “I do have the movie all outlined. Maybe it’s not a movie, though. I don’t know. Maybe it’s another series? Maybe it’s something … I think I’ll probably dive into it pretty soon, if this is well-received.” Receive it well, everybody, so we can get a million more seasons.

AD Season 4 Might Have Some Continuity Errors