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Last Night on Late Night: Jason Bateman, Goaded Into Blaming Will Arnett for Arrested Development Holdup

Last night on the Late Show, David Letterman made it a mission to figure out the cause for the lag in reuniting the Arrested Development cast. “It was, uh, nothing really exciting,” Jason Bateman stuttered. “Money, huh?” Letterman interjected. “Um, yes, uhh, no, ahhh.” “Who was the holdout?” “Will Arnett.” Oh, Gob. Plus: Gillian Anderson, seated between two bearded gentlemen, Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon, caused a bit of a quibblefest over the manliness of manscaping. Also, Tom Hanks, in his quest for a new theater, disrupted David Letterman’s monologues over and over and over. As Hanks sees it, the Ed Sullivan theater will soon go the way of the Tonight Show. And finally, Craig Ferguson’s zany comedy left Zach Galifianakis utterly defeated and speechless. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Bateman: Arnett Delayed Arrested Development