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Watch a Supercut of the Best Musical Moments From Arrested Development

Among the many wonderful things about Arrested Development is the show’s facility with jokes in all manner of forms: dialogue, signage, visual gags, and even music. More than just the hidden musical gags in ringtones or background audio, Arrested Development created hilarious original songs (or bits of songs as it were) like GOB and Franklin’s “It Ain’t Easy Bein’ White,” the Fünke’s “There’s No I in Teamocil,” and the de facto banana stand anthem”Big Yellow Joint.” But the show also made us think of old tunes in a new way: Will you ever hear Europe’s “The Final Countdown” without thinking of GOB dancing around and flicking playing cards? Won’t “Solid As a Rock” always be “Solid As Iraq?” Prepare for your season-four viewing with a little afternoon delight and watch our supercut of the best musical moments from the show here.

Best Musical Moments From Arrested Development