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Last Night on Late Night: A Tobey Maguire–Leonardo DiCaprio Giggle Attack Delayed the Great Gatsby Shoot

Last night on The Late Show, Tobey Maguire revealed that he was overcome by an attack of the giggles during the filming of a particularly serious scene in The Great Gatsby. His BFF Leonardo DiCaprio (you can catch a glimpse of their childhood photo in the video) “goes up a couple of steps, and turns around really serious towards me, and says this stern thing, and I just started breaking up laughing.” Not only did the fifteen-second scene extend into a half-day shoot, but director Baz Luhrmann also ended up having to film them independently. Plus: Pierce Brosnan suffered a wardrobe meltdown that put him in Jimmy Kimmel’s pants, and Ben Kingsley disclosed the key to playing a villain. Expect him to be “completely absorbed by his own crazy logic and self-righteousness” in Iron Man 3. You won’t find a “baddie.” Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

BFFs Maguire, DiCaprio Giggle Attack in Gatsby