Come Join Splitsider as we Talk to Chris Gethard, Julie Klausner and Dave Hill This Thursday

This Thursday at 7pm at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe here in NYC Splitsider is presenting a super fun panel featuring some of our very favorite NYC comedians. Laugh Track: Unconventional Comedy Careers in the Internet Age will feature myself talking to Chris Gethard (The Chris Gethard Show, A Bad Idea I’m About to Do), Julie Klausner (How Was Your Week, Art Girls Are Easy, I Don’t Care About Your Band), and Dave Hill (Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident, Tasteful Nudes) about how they’ve each carved out totally unique niches for themselves in the comedy world, making careers centered around their own comedic sensibilities rather than trying to fit into whatever role is expected of a generic comedian. It should be a lot of fun! And hey, it’s free, so there’s no reason to not come and watch and hang out.

Come Join Splitsider as we Talk to Chris Gethard, […]