Here Are Fox’s New Dramas

The fun of upfronts week never stops! Fox unveiled clips for its new dramas at its network upfront this afternoon. Hope you like cop shows! ‘Cause there’s a bunch of cop shows.

On Mondays, there’s Almost Human, a buddy cop show where one cop is a robot.

Also on Mondays, there’s Sleepy Hollow, which combines time-travel, cop shows, the Bible, and mega-guns as an adaptation of the typical Ichabod Crane story. This is your moment, Westchester.

Come mid-season, Thursday’s Idol lead-out will be the Greg Kinnear–led Rake, an adaptation of an Australian quirky-lawyer dramedy.

Yet to be placed on the mid-season schedule is Gang Related, a drama set within the LAPD’s anti-gang task force. There’s no teaser for that one yet.

Here Are Fox’s New Dramas