but is it art?

James Franco Painted a Tribute to His This Is the End Bros

Man of many talents James Franco has created a very special piece of advertising for his forthcoming Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogendirected  “apocalyptic comedy” This Is the End. Photographer Clare Thigpen sent Gawker some shots of Franco (and a couple assistants) painting a mural of co-stars Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, and himself on a wall near Bedford Avenue and Grand Street in Williamsburg on Saturday. According to Gawker, the piece is supposed to be “a tribute to all his good friends, and all the fun they had while making their new film.” In contrast to the spirit of the project, Franco looks a pretty bored (or at least more interested in his phone) in the pictures, probably because promoting a movie is way less fun than making one. Either way, we expect that it will be thoroughly defaced by the end of the weekend, as Williamsburg is populated almost entirely by people who resent James Franco.

Franco Painted a This Is the End Mural