Gallagher Aftermath, and More Highlights from Marc Maron’s Reddit AMA

Marc Maron Is Everywhere Week continues as the comedian is popping up all over the place to promote his new book and IFC show. Maron did a question-and-answer session on Reddit yesterday and discussed a wide variety of topics, including whether or not he’s talked to Gallagher since his ill-fated interview with the racist prop comic, his dream WTF guests, and how he has zero relationship with Conan O’Brien off-camera despite 20 years of appearing on his shows. Check out all the best parts and none of the worst parts from the Reddit session below:

Who is the one comedian you mentioned who will not come on the show?

Tosh doesn’t want to because he doesn’t want to. Not for any anger reasons. I don’t know… wait. You’re thinking of Jon Stewart. He won’t do it.

Is there a reason Stewart won’t do it? 

I was a dick to him, a lot, when we were younger. He remembers that and doesn’t like me. I get it.

How did the Gallagher interview wind up going down how it did?

he got riled and thought I was sandbagging him with an agenda which maybe I was a bit but he should’ve been able to take it. He thinks he invented everything and if you argue with him about anything he gets upset.

Has there been any contact with him or his management since?


If you could plug one artist/comedian/performer that not many people know about, who would it be and why?

Sam Lipsyte and Tom Scharpling. They are both hilarious geniuses.

If you could interview 5 dead comics, who would they be? 

Kinison, Hicks, Pryor, Lenny and Carlin

Your Conan interview on WTF is to this day one of my favorites. What is your relationship like with Conan outside of your interviews with each other?

There isn’t one.

I am a big fan of the podcasts that you do with Tom Scharpling. Any more Marc and Tom shows planned in the future?

Yeah, we have one in the can. Will get it up soon.

Is there anybody left at this point that you would consider a huge “get?”

There’s a lot of people I want to interview on all levels. Iggy, Newhart, David O. Russell, Ferrell. tons.

Who are your favorite up and coming stand ups?

I get a kick out of Nate Bargatze.

Would you interview Carlos Mencia again?

I probably wont interview Carlos again.

Who is your favorite late night host?

I’m a lifetime Letterman guy. But Kimmel, Fallon and Conan do their own things and I like them all.

Gallagher Aftermath, and More Highlights from Marc […]