Gillette Helps Answer Your Most Pressing Question: How Does the Man of Steel Shave?

We know you’ve been losing sleep over this. With the upcoming release of Man of Steel on June 14, Gillette is the first to boldly ask the question everyone wants to know — how does Superman shave? For a superhero that is fire-proof, bullet-proof, kryptonite-proof (oops, scratch that), what could possibly cut through that steel-hard stubble?

As a service to all inquiring minds, Gillette has graciously created a forum on for shaving intellectuals to pose their theories. Check out videos from five Superman enthusiasts — director Kevin Smith; TV hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman; scientist and comedian Bill Nye; and Mayim Bialik, actress and real-life neuroscientist — and vote on the explanation that most suits your fancy. Or, challenge their conjectures with your own argument. Perhaps it’s jackhammers? Super heat vision?

Either way, now you can rest easy tonight knowing that Gillette is on top of uncovering the Man of Steel’s grooming secrets.

Gillette Helps Answer Your Most Pressing Question: How […]