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Hannah’s E-Book Editor Is Going to Fight Ray on Girls Season Three

John Cameron Mitchell attends
John Cameron Mitchell. Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images

Hannah Horvath’s e-book editor is going to fight fellow Girls guy Ray next season, John Cameron Mitchell tells Vulture. “I actually have a fun scene where I beat the shit out of him,” he said at the New York premiere of Before Midnight this week. “I have to kick his ass.” When we point out that Alex Karpovsky, who plays Ray, has a bit of an advantage in that he’s taller, Mitchell reveals another detail: “But he’s very drunk and I was much more together.” Karpovsky, who was also at the party, said, “It’s like the mosquito versus a dinosaur. You ever hear that parable? Well, anyway, he’s very quick, and I think quickness wins.”

As for what brings the characters to blows, Mitchell says, “I change the music on him. He’s playing something that my character lived through as an adult, Smashing Pumpkins, and I can’t stand it anymore, so I switch it to a young, fresh song, LMFAO, like, Right Said Fred, and we get into a fight about the music.” Karpovsky then interjects, “I don’t know if you can be saying that.” But Mitchell isn’t too concerned, “I’m such an unsympathetic minor character anyway, it’s fine.”

Hannah’s Editor Is Going to Fight Ray on Girls