‘Happy Endings’ Boss on Tonight’s ‘Satisfying’ Season Finale

The final two episodes of Happy Endings’ third season air tonight on ABC, and, while the show’s fate is uncertain right now, co-showrunner Jonathan Groff is confident that the last episode will serve as either a strong season or series finale. “Obviously, we want to go on, but if this is it, I don’t think any Happy Endings fan would be disappointed,” Groff tells TV Guide. While the show has been earning low ratings all season (partly as a result of ABC moving it around the schedule a bit), there’s been talk about cable network USA picking up Happy Endings for a fourth year. Groff seems confident that ABC could even end up giving the show another shot. He adds:

People at ABC really like the show, all the way up to the top. They’ve been so supportive in so many ways that we kind of feel like maybe at the end of the day, they’ll say, “This is a good show. We just need to figure out how to put it in the right place. This cast is going to be in movies. We want to say we have this cast and keep them for as long as we can.” I don’t know if they want to let them go. Obviously, there are challenges in the ratings, but I think they’re aware there have been challenges in how they’ve handled this. I think we really looked at it like, “What would be a satisfying end to the season that would underscore the kind of weird ecosystem that is this group of friends and how they would go on from there.”

We’ll find out whether Jonathan Groff’s enthusiasm is justified in a couple weeks, when the networks announce their fall schedules. Hopefully, ABC keeps this one around.

‘Happy Endings’ Boss on Tonight’s ‘Satisfying’ Season […]