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Here Are NBC’s New Dramas

First came the comedies. And on the drama front, here are NBC’s fall offerings. On Mondays at 10 p.m., following The Voice, we’ve got James Spader in The Blacklist. Warning: Contains a tremendous amount of stabbing.

On Wednesdays, NBC is banking on the revival of the sixties cop drama Ironside, now with Blair Underwood as the wheelchair-bound detective who does things his way.

And finally on Fridays, NBC has Dracula, which is about a vampire (duh) exacting vengeance all over Victorian London — until he meets a woman who he thinks is his dead wife, reincarnated.

Come mid-season, things get slightly more exciting with the hostage thriller Crisis, the supernatural drama Believe, and the pirate show Crossbones. We’ll also get the Chicago Fire spinoff, Chicago PD, and the hospital-set The Night Shift, none of which have trailers yet.

Here Are NBC’s New Dramas