upfronts 2013

Here Are the New Fox Comedies

As promised, here are the clips for Fox’s new comedies. First up is the Seth MacFarlane–produced, Seth Green–starring Dads, which will airs Tuesdays at eight. Look, it’s Giovanni Ribisi in a tie.

Tuesday at 8:30, we’ll have Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is what happens when you put Andy Samberg in a cop suit.

Here’s Enlisted, a family comedy about three brothers on an army base. It airs Friday at 9:30.

And finally, a clip from the Gavin & Stacey remake Us & Them, starring Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) and the guy from Parenthood (Jason Ritter). He has now made out with two Gilmores. Us & Them will air mid-season.

Here Are the New Fox Comedies