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From Around the Web: Fast & Furious 6 Director on How James Franco Hurt His Feelings

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We are all interconnected here on the World Wide Web, and all of us entertainment sites operate on a friendly basis. So what are Vulture’s awesome partner sites excited about today? That meanie James Franco, the death of a Smash character, and the still disastrous Rihanna 777 plane tour. Read on:

* Justin Lin: James Franco’s Comments About Annapolis Were Hurtful —Huffington Post
“The crew had a great experience; we were all very young and we were all doing the best we can. And for someone to kind of lay judgement, you know, it is hurtful. And I think it’s very disrespectful.”

* Why Smash Killed Off A Fan Favorite Character —BuzzFeed
“‘The character of ____ was sort of born to die,’ showrunner Josh Safran told BuzzFeed.”

* The Reality of Rihanna 777Daily Beast
“’‘I want a glass of water so badly, but I guess I should be glad I don’t, because then I’d have to pee.’”

* Kat Dennings Recalls Her Strange Date with Drake —ET Online
“I was overwhelmed with the amount of security.”

* Photo: Taylor Swift and Gwyneth Paltrow Bond Inside Met Gala DinnerUs Weekly
That’s pretty self-explanatory.

Director: James Franco Hurt My Feelings!