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Last Night on Late Night: J.J. Abrams Presented a Deleted Benedict Cumberbatch Shower Scene From Star Trek

Last night on Conan, J.J. Abrams addressed criticism of Star Trek Into Darkness for its gratuitous display of so much of Alice Eve’s skin, for which writer Damon Lindelof has already apologized. “I don’t think I quite edited the scene in the right way, but to me it was sort of a balance,” explained Abrams. “There’s a scene earlier where [Kirk isn’t] dressed either [because (spoiler!) he’s getting up from a threesome with two alien ladies].” To make up for the imbalance of objectification, Abrams presented a deleted scene where Benedict Cumberbatch is showering in all his “evil” six-pack glory. Plus: Elizabeth Moss found her first New York apartment the way most of us do — on Craigslist. Also, Vin Diesel stands by his opinion that Hollywood is tougher on men to maintain a certain physique. (See: Cumberbatch shower scene.) “Female actors don’t feel compelled to take steroids,” he asserted. But as Jay Leno pointed out, what about breast implants? And the magical fountain of youth? Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

J.J. Abrams: Deleted Cumberbatch Shower Scene