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Last Night on Late Night: J.J. Abrams, Jon Stewart Geeked Out Over Star Wars, Star Trek

Last night on the Daily Show, J.J. Abrams and Jon Stewart analyzed the cosmic differences between Star Wars and Star Trek, and per the star-crossed director of both films, aside from the stars and space, there are “fundamental differences!” Star Wars is a “samurai” “Western”; Star Trek bursts with moral lessons. For instance, it taught Jon Stewart that racism is wrong. Plus: Portia de Rossi has her fingers crossed that the Netflix release of Arrested Development May 26 will draw as many viewers as there were visitors lined up along Sixth Avenue for a photo opp at the Bluth banana stand. Also, on the Late Late Show, John Cho’s failed attempts at George Takei’s “Oh my;” and on Late Night, Bradley Cooper’s dance with the naked “devil” a.k.a Chow in The Hangover. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

J.J. Abrams Geeked Out Over Star Wars, Star Trek