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Justin Bieber’s Monkey Now Belongs to Germany

As you may recall, Justin Bieber was forced to leave his monkey, Mally, in the care of German customs officials in late March, when he tried to bring the pet into the country without the proper paperwork. Bieber was given four weeks to put together the documents needed to claim the now 20-week-old  capuchin, but it seems that he simply did not care to do so: The deadline expired at midnight last night. Mally is now property of the German state, and will likely be sent to live in some kind of primate rescue facility “because a zoo might publicize” the already traumatized creature. Meanwhile, Bieber still owes “several thousand euros for food, care and vet visits” provided to the monkey since it was seized. “You can bet we are going to ask for that money back,” said a German customs official, who does not sound like much of a Belieber.