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Last Night on Late Night: Kat Dennings, Now Scared to Death of Dating Drake, After a ‘Non-Date’ With Drake

Last night on Chelsea Lately, Kat Dennings disclosed the proceedings of her “non-date,” “hang-out” with Drake: First they got to know each other but just as “buds” over sushi (sorry, Drake); then his “security dudes” followed the two in a black SUV, which may not have worked in Drake’s favor (“I was overwhelmed with the amount of security,” a scurred Dennings told Chelsea), but might have also saved Kat’s life. [Without it], “I feel like I would die. Some Twitter person is like watching my tweets to see where I’m going.” Besides, yolo. Plus: Rod Stewart took a cold, hard grab at Jimmy Kimmel’s butt, much to his surprise; and Isla Fisher didn’t know what to make of Craig Ferguson or his gender-confused snake mug, but she giggled and blushed until Dr. Ferguson had to step in for a psychoanalysis. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Kat Dennings, Afraid After ‘Non-Date’ With Drake