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Last Night on Late Night: Conan Wore Ke$ha’s Face on His Crotch

Last night on Conan, we learned that if we let Ke$ha be her “weird self,” good things will follow. For example, a Ke$ha-designed outfit with “your little face” emblazoned all over it, and as an additional gift, underwear with her face smiling on the crotch flap. Woohoo. Plus: Jon Favreu told us about Martin Scorsese’s next (undoubtedly breathtaking) Steadicam shot in The Wolf of Wall Street. “I’m at the beginning of the take so I get to go off and watch the monitor, and [Leonardo DiCaprio] gets to do his monologue and walk through hundreds of extras and every little vignette.” Also: Robert Downey Jr. said he’s renegotiating his Iron Man contract; and Phoenix performed “Trying To Be Cool.” Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Conan Wore Ke$ha’s Face on His Crotch