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Mad Men Conspiracy Theory: Megan Draper Is Sharon Tate

Photo: AMC and William Helburn/Corbis

Eagle-eyed Mad Men fans over at Reddit have developed a thrilling theory after noticing a tweet from show costume designer Janie Bryant regarding the similarities between Megan Draper’s shirt and the one worn by Sharon Tate in a 1967 Esquire Magazine photo shoot. “No coincidence!” Bryant replied to @BHisaRockstar (whose father, William Helburn, took the photo), implying that matching Draper to Tate was completely intentional. Naturally, this is driving some theorists wild.

But could it be? Could Megan be heading for Sharon’s tragic fate? “Tate was murdered in August of 1969. She was murdered by a home invasion, and this season seems to be really emphasizing (normalizing?) the idea of the home being ‘invaded’ by the outside,” notes the Reddit thread’s top-rated comment. And Dustin Rowles over at UPROXX pushed a bit further, looking to the season’s promo poster for clues: “Not only does that poster allude to the ‘better halves’ and the Dick Whitman–Don Draper stuff that’s been going on all season, but the police presence does suggest something more sinister on the horizon.”

Is Mad Men’s Megan Draper Actually Sharon Tate?