bare butts not included

A Visual Time Line of Matt Damon’s Behind the Candelabra Transformation

Photo: HBO

Method-tanning process not included, Matt Damon’s Behind the Candelabra transformation took many impressive turns. First, Damon had to channel his 42-year-old self into a 17-year-old character (the actual age of Scott Thorson when he first met his future lover–father figure Liberace). Then, in chronicling the arc of their five-year relationship, Damon had to amp up the hair, wardrobe, and soon a paunch, then get prosthetics to simulate Thorson’s look-alike plastic surgery — in which Thorson took Liberace’s nose and cheekbones — and later appear as if he were wasting away from drug abuse. By the time the biopic’s story ended, Thorson was 28, still fourteen years the actual Damon’s junior. Let us watch how Father Time (and Mother Makeup) brought Damon along.

Matt Damon’s Candelabra Transformation