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Forever Meme Naked Bea Arthur Painting Goes for (Just!) $1.9 Million

Way harsh: An Internet Famous painting of a nude Bea Arthur went for just $1.915 million after auction house Christie’s estimated its value at anywhere between $1.8 and $2.5 million. You’ve already seen it. John Currin’s infamous portrait, titled Bea Arthur Naked, is not necessarily an accurate rendering of the late Arthur’s bosom (the actress never sat for Currin), but has made quite a stir online. With its viral fame already firmly intact, I guess the anonymous buyer didn’t really need to pay extra? Or perhaps being famous on the Internet isn’t actually related to your monetary value? We’ve censored her up top, but if you wanna see the real thing, it’s (of course) on the Internet.

Naked Bea Arthur Painting Goes for $1.9 Million