eye spy

The Sexy Stares, Sultry Looks, and Eff-Me Eyes of Nashville

Photo: ABC

Nashville still has three more episodes before its finale, which means it’s theoretically possible there will be a tune that tops “Wrong Song” for the season. Unlikely, but possible. What is a sure bet, though, is that during every single song performance, the characters of Nashville will be eye-fucking each other like crazy. The show knows its way around a sexy stare, and with every twangy guitar chord and pop-inflected cymbal crash, two characters lock eyes with each other, stare deeply into one another’s souls, and telepathically communicate that they would like to engage in wild sex acts. (And in typical Nashville style, that sex scene will probably include a lingering shot of someone’s rippling back muscles.) For these purposes, we included instances where at least one of the oglers or ogle-ees was onstage in some capacity; otherwise, pretty much every scene from Nashville involves some serious sexy-staring back and forth. So many meaningful glances!

Nashville’s Sexy Stares and Eff-Me Eyes