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New Girl Season Two’s 15 Best Moments of Physical Comedy

New Girl really came into its own this season. There are many reasons for this: more character (and character backstory) time, deepened relationships, payoff in the form of kissing. However, there might be no more important reason than the show going H.A.M. on physical comedy. Now, physical comedy isn’t new — hell, it’s been around since actors have had a stage to fall down on — but New Girl has really taken to it like Young Nick took to alcohol. So with the second season winding down tomorrow night, a look back seemed to be in order. You’ll see Nick punch balloons and at least one roommate, Schmidt’s failed head-butt and lap-dance, Winston freaking out, and more. But what will be No. 1?

15. From Episode 11, “Santa”

14. From Episode 19, “Quick Hardening Caulk”

13. From Episode 6, “Halloween”

12. From Episode 20, “Chicago”

11. From Episode 17, “Parking Spot”

10. From Episode 7, “Menzies”

9. From Episode 6, “Halloween”

8. From Episode 17, “Parking Spot”

7. From Episode 12, “Cabin”

6. From Episode 10, “Bathtub”

5. From Episode 14, “Pepperwood”

4. From Episode 20, “Chicago”

3. From Episode 17, “Parking Spot”

2. From Episode 23, “Virgins”

1. From Episode 7, “Menzies”

New Girl’s 15 Best Moments of Physical Comedy