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Last Night on Late Night: Nick Offerman’s Personalized Reading of Tweets by Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, Carly Rae Jepsen

Last night on Conan, Nick Offerman interpreted tweets authored by celebrity ingenues Miley Cyrus (who loves her bitches), Amanda Bynes (who was hungry), and Carly Rae Jepsen (whose sneezes sound like Snow White’s). Plus: Jimmy Kimmel had select actors read mean tweets about themselves. For instance, Zach Braff read, “Hey @ZachBraff, I can take a picture of a piece of shit in my toilet, and it would be a better movie than Garden State,” and then he pouted. Elisabeth Moss, on the other hand, flipped her tweeter the finger. Also: Jane Lynch enacted Duck Dynasty in a round of charades against Jimmy Fallon, and got visibly frustrated with her partner. “Jane, get away from him!” Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Nick Offerman Read Tweets by Young Female Celebs